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How to use Ear drops correctly

Posted on June 21, 2010 at 5:01 PM

By Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal ,ENT Specialist Bangalore

How to Use Ear Drops

Many a times when you visit an ENT Specialist for and ear complaint, the doctor prescribes ear drops.

Ear drops may be prescribed for a variety of conditions:

Outer ear infections

Middle ear infections

Ear drum Afflictions

Wax in the outer ear canal

For Optimum results it is prudent to know exactly how to use them on yourself or your child.

1.Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.


2.Gently clean any discharge which may be present on the outer part of the ear- Do this only at the outer external part and do not insert cotton buds or other objects into the er canal.


3.Read the instructions on the bottle


Check the expiry date: your pharmacist is supposed to check this before dispensing the medicine to you but it always pays to double check.

Check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the ear drops

4.Warm the bottle of ear drops by holding in the palm of your hand for a few minutes.DO NOT use a microwave to warm any medicine


5.Shake the bottle well for 10 seconds to thoroughly mix and disperse the medication of ear drops.


6.Check the dropper tip to make sure that it is not chipped or cracked


7.Position:The patient should preferably be lying down for optimal ear drop instilation and another person can help instill the ear drops.Draw the medication into the dropper, or hold the dropper-top bottle with the dropper tip down.Tilt the affected ear up or lie on your side.


8.Pull the ear backward and upward (or if giving to a child younger than 3 years of age, pull backward and downward) to open the ear canal.In children ,if your doctor told that there is outer ear infection pull the ear very gently as it may be painful for your child if you do so overzealously.

9.Instill the recommended number of drops in to the ear. Do not let the dropper/ bottle tip touch the fingers or the ear.


10.Gently press on the small skin flap [ called tragus]over the ear to help the drops to run into the ear canal.



11.Replace and tighten the cap or dropper of the ear drops bottle as soon as you have finished instillation and keep out of reach of children.

12. Keep your ear tilted up in the same position of instillation of ear drops for around 5 minutes or insert a soft cotton plug in the outer part of the ear[DO NOT INSERT COTTON INTO THE CANAL], whichever method has been recommended by your ENT doctor.

13.Repeat the steps if ear drops have been recommended for the other ear.

14.Wash your hands to remove any medication.

  • Instill the ear drops in the frequency recommended by your ENT Specialist.DO NOT MISS DOSES
  • It is very important to use the ear drops for as long as the doctor has instructed, even if the symptoms improve.
  • In case you develop pain or pain worsens following an ear drop use report to your doctor.

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