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Ear buds & you

Posted on June 21, 2010 at 5:55 PM

By Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal, ENT Specialist Bangalore

Ear Buds and You

Ear buds[ Q tips] are not meant to be used within the ear canal though many people do not know this.

When we use ear buds we push wax deep into the ear canal and it can accumulate.

Chronic ear bud use can affect the normal ear canal lining and produce various symptoms.

Complications of ear bud use:

Ear wax accumulation- Picture shows wax cast removed from person using ear buds


Otitis externa[outer ear infection]

Ear drum injury

Hearing loss due to injury

Outer ear canal injury

Ear bleeding

Ear discharge

Ear itching


Ear pain

Ear discomfort

See Artricle on Ear Care tips-Tips for Healthy ears


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