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Voice Care-Tips to Keep your voice healthy

Posted on June 23, 2010 at 5:24 AM

Voice care-How to Keep Your Voice Healthy

By Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal, ENT Specialist Bangalore


  • Drink enough water. Moisture is essential to keep your vocal cords well lubricated.
  • Do not shout or scream.These are vocal abusive practices which put a lot of strain on the lining of your vocal cords.
  • Warm up your voice before heavy use such as in singing, teaching a class, preaching, or giving a speech. Warm-ups can be simple, such as gently gliding from low to high tones on different vowel sounds, doing lip trills (like the motorboat sound that kids make), or tongue trills.
  • Do not smoke- not only does it increase the risk of laryngeal cancers [voice box cancers] it is injurious to the vocal cords.
  • Use a mike/microphone-When giving a speech or presentation or singing considers using a mike to lessen the strain on your voice.
  • Listen to your voice. When your voice is complaining to you, listen to it.
  • Do not strain your voice further when it is already hoarse
  • Avoid throat clearing frequently- if you are clearing your throat frequently there might be some underlying problem.
  • Avoid straining the voice when you have a cold
  • Be aware of the medications you use.Some medicines such as over the counter cold and cough medications can dry up secretions and affect your voice


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