Nose & Sinuses Nose & Sinuses Nasal Warts This young lady came with multiple Warts on nose .She was successfully treated with stitchless sutureless facioplastic procedure. 87733377 Xray Nasopharynx Xyray of the nasopharynx in a 4 year old child showing enlarged Adenoids producing airway narrowing. See next photo for a labelled picture. 88331762 Xray Nasopharynx Adenoids producing significant air way narrowing-see blue arrow. Adenoids demarcated as red halo. Red arrows show passage of air from the nose to the wind pipe.This child required adenoidectomy which was succesfully performed giving complete relief to the child. 88331764 Crooked nose This photo shows a typical Crooked nose of the dorsul hump of the nose following an earlier trauma .The patient underwent a successful rhinoplasty surgery. 88331763 Sinuses The photo depicts the paranasal Sinuses in our face, their relation to the nose. Also shown are the nasal turbinates and nasal septum position. 88331765 Hump nose A hump nose such as shown here can be successfully corrected by Rhinoplasty. 88331766