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ENT Office Procedures

ENT Specialists can  perform a good number of ENT procedures in the comfort of a well equipped doctor's consultation room.The State of the Art Equipment and Facilities  at  our ENT ,Head & Neck Center  enables us to perform sophisticated procedures in the comfort and ease of the out patient clinical setting itself thus offering the patient significant benefits in terms of time, comfort,relaxation, cost effectiveness and avoidance of the operation theatre.

Office procedures are done under topical or local anaesthesia and are painfree and comfortable

Services and Facilities at Dr Sonia's ENT , Head and Neck Center

Range of Surgeries and Procedures

For any doubts you can ask a question online to ENT Specialist or Contact Dr Sonia ,Consultant ENT ,Head & Neck Surgeon directly

ENT Office Procedures in Ear

Otoendoscopy: ENT Specialists at Dr Sonia's ENT ,Head and Neck Center have the luxury of using Real time video-otoendoscopy for accurate diagnosis of diseases of the ear .This is of particular benefit in the management of ear pain, ear infection, hearing loss and tinnitus [sounds in the ear].Computerised image capture , storage and retrieval facilty enables accurate follow up the disease. .

Ear lobe Repair - Ear lobe split,tear or large ear ring hole can be expeditiously and comfortably treated in the Center .

Ear Piercing- Painless Bloodless Safe and Sterile ear piercing can be done both for children and grownups in a matter of seconds using our high end gold plated automated device.

Ear Foreign body removal: Utilising the facility of Otoendoscopy and real time videoendoscopy in conjunction with microinstruments and suction apparatus foreign bodies can be easily and comfortably removed in the office setting

Wax removal:Diagnostic Video Otoendoscopy enables accurate diagnosis and managment of the common problem of wax

Intratympanic Injection Therapy: Intratympanic Injection therapy is a highly sophisticated drug delivery modality with high sucsess rate in the management of vertigo. It also has beneficial effects in Sudden Sensorineural hearing loss.Intratympanic therapy can be performed in the comfort of the motorized adjustable medical chair at our ENT center.

Ear Drum Perforation Treatment: Various types of ear drum repair procedures can be done in the comfort in the office premises including carbolic treatment and fat myringoplasty

Ear Packing: specialised ear packing for otitis externa [Outer ear infection]can be performed.

Myringotomy: [making a minute puncture in the ear drum to drain fluid]for severe ear infection and ear pain, Glue ear.

Neuro-Otological Vestibular Testing: Is a battery of tests to evaluate and diagnose vertigo and dizziness.Tests include Fukuda's test, Unterberger test, Dix Hallpike test,Curthoys Halmagyi test,Head Shake test,Henneberts Fistula test,Rhomberg test,Sharpened Rhomberg test + Cerebellar function tests

BPPV Therapuetic Manouvres: BPPV is one of the commonest forms of vertigo and can be successfully and completely treated with various manouvres performed by the ENT Specialist:

  • Epley's manouvre
  • Semont manouvre
  • Pagnini McClure manouvre
  • Lempert Roll

Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises: Our patients with dizziness are taught individualised vestibular rehalitating balance system strengthening exercises such as Cooksey Cawthorne exercises,Brandt Darof Exercises etc as the case may be.

ENT Office Procedures in Nose

Nasal Endoscopy: Nasal Endoscopy can be easily and comfortably performed with ease and speed at our ENT Speciality Center.Real time videoendoscpy recording and still capture facility is available with provision for generation of printed and digital images.

Nasopharyngoscopy: Nasopharyngoscope is available for evaulation of adenoids, eustachian tube dysfunction, unexplained ear pain and headaches,post nasal drip, halitosis,snoring and sleep apnoea.

Nose bleed treatment: ENT Specialist treats Nose bleeds using various methods such as 

  • simple pressure
  • Chemical cauterisation
  • Electro bleeder cauterisation
  • Nasal packing
Turbinate Procedures: Turbinate hypertrophy can produce nasal congestion, nasal block, headaches, snoring etc. Turbinate shrinkage can be achieved with ease using chemical trubinoplasty or elctrocauterisation at the ENT, Head and Neck Center

Nasal Biopsy: Biopsy of suspicious lesion can be obtained by the ENT Specialist in a sterile and comforting environment

Adhesiolysis:Adhesions between the septum and lateral wall can be treated

Foreign body Removal: Our ENT Specilaist uses endoscopes to accurately ascertain the presence and position of nasal foreign bodies and thereby faclitate easy removal.

Nose piercing: Nose piercing can be perfomed with comfort and ease using our high end gold plated automated device. Nose piercing done therein will be a quick, painless and sterile procedure.

ENT Office Procedures in Mouth and Throat

Biopsy and Excision of Swellings in mouth, tongue, face can be performed comfortably in the office premises

Pharyngeal Painting can successfully treat Chronic granular Pharyngitis[ producing long standing throat pain]

Injection therapy for Vascular lesions

Injection therapy for Submucous fibrosis producing trismus

Tongue tie release: Depending on the individual case Tongue tie can be successfully treated at ENT Speciality Center.