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Welcome to Dr Sonia 's ENT. This website serves as a portal of information on various health topics in ENT[Ear, Nose ,Throat] and Head & Neck Diseases.ENT or Otolaryngology as it is scientifically known as is one of the oldest health sciences and is one of the most challenging fields in Medicine.Technological break-throughs in the form of endoscopes , microscopes and implants have had a tremendous impact in this speciality in the diagnosis as well as treatment of  innumerable diseases .The ENT Specialist no longer just peers into your nose with a torchlight but has a wide and exciting armementarium of endoscopes ,cameras and microinstruments at his / her disposal to make an accurate and spot on diagnosis.

We are now in the era of stitchless, scar less and minimally invasive procedures.The advent of the endoscope enables the ENT surgeon to examine the intricate and delicate nooks and crannies of the nose and sinuses hence drastically decreasing the need for Xrays.FESS or functional endoscopic sinus surgery is a sophisticated procedure with tremendous benefit in that it is a completely scar less and stithless procedure with minimal hospital stay and early return to routine activities. The endoscope is used to treat even brain tumours and eye diseases which earlier had required a craniotomy[cutting the skull] or cut on the face respectively.

Technological advances in otology[diesases of the ear] have enabled millions to hear by using cochlear implants which give hope beyond hearing aids.

The Medical Community as well as the common man has become increasingly aware of the dangers of sleep apnoea and snoring.The modern ENT,Head and Neck Surgeon plays a key role in the management of snoring by using real time nasal ,nasopharyngeal endoscopes and laryngopharyngsocopes to evaluate areas of obstruction in the upper airway producing snoring and the dreaded sleep apnoea.ENT Surgeons use various procedures to treat such cases varying from a simple turbinate procedure to LASER uvulopalatopharyngeal procedures.

Dizziness has troubled man for decades and more so now with the pressures of modern living.Tremendous research in the field of neuro-otology have given the modern ENT Specialist cutting edge, avant - garde techiniques to diagnose and manage patients with dizziness & vertigo.

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