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Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal

Dr Sonia & Dr Prateek's ENT Speciality Center

"A Complete ENT Cure & Care"

Dr Sonia & Dr Prateek's ENT ,Head & Neck Center is a venture of Bangalore ENT Surgeons Team[®BEST].

The High end Speciality Center offers the latest state of the art Diagnostic, Medical & Surgical Facilities.

Advanced and Specialised Operation facilites are offered in collaboration with the best Corporate hospitals and Cost effective Nursing Homes in Bangalore catering to all budgets.

Facilities and Equipment at Dr Sonia & Dr Prateek's ENT ,Head & Neck Center

ENT Treatment Unit:State of the art ergonomically designed ENT Treatment Unit

Motorized Patient Medical Chair designed for patient comfort and safety with reclination, elevation and rotational functions for optimized  positioning and patient care.

Imported Endoscopes from the leading International Endoscope Manufactuer Karl Storz

  • Nasal Endoscope
  • Nasopharyngoscope
  • Laryngoscope
  • Laryngopharyngoscope
  • Otoendoscope

 Videoendoscopy: World Class German Real time  Videoendoscopy equipment with computerised integration for real time videoendoscopy recording with multiple imgae capture facility and generation of endoscopy images in printed and digital format.

Electronic Medical Record Storage & Retrieval Facility

Cautery Unit: Specialised Electrical Monopolar and Bipolar Fine Tip Equipment for the expeditious and efficient performance of painless Office Procedures.

Ear and Nose Piercing Equipment:Our Centre is equipped with  Imported Gold Plated Automatic Device for Painless,Bloodless, Safe and Sterile piercing of the ear ,nose and other body parts.

Specialised Clinics

There are specially formulated Specialised Clinics catering to key diseases and conditions in ENT .

Specialised Clinics

Vertigo & Dizziness Clinic

Headache Clinic

Hearing Loss Clinic

Tinnitus Clinic

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Clinic

Allergy Clinic

Rhinology [Diseases of Nose & Sinuses] Clinic

Head & Neck Cancer Screening Clinic

ENT Head and Neck Center

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